What Makes a VIN Check So Important for Used Car Owners?

When you are on a tight budget but still need a new vehicle, buying a used car can be an extremely lucrative option. However, it is important to know properly about the vehicle that you are planning to buy. This is exactly where a Vin Check proves to be useful. You have to get the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number from your car in order to obtain a vehicle history report. It is usually placed on a metal plate, and you can view it in the windshield’s lower corner – attached to the dashboard. Every car has a unique VIN number, similar to the fingerprint of humans. Find out what makes a Vehicle Identification Number check so important for used car owners.

Obtaining vehicle history

With the VIN number, you can get a complete history of the vehicle – whether it comes to its maintenance, how many tests it has been put through, whether it has suffered any accidents and every other possible detail that you cannot expect to get by interviewing your sales agent or auto dealer or through the visual inspection of your car or even through the car history check report that is offered by your seller.

Place of origin

The VIN number consists of a series of numbers and letters that offer information about the date of manufacture, model and make of a vehicle. This combination of numerals can be used to acquire important details about the country of origin of the car, where it was registered, trim level and more. You can also determine whether the car was registered in some other state and comes from another state.

Accident history

You can get full information about accident history and complete title history, including salvage title branding, flood damage and accident reports. Title check can also let you understand whether the person who is selling the vehicle to you is its actual owner. You can know about the past ownership history, which includes details about the total number of owners that the vehicle had.

Odometer readings

You can get information about when the car changed its ownership, and receive clues about whether the vehicle had been driven in a rough way. It is possible to get a proper estimate about its lifespan. With a Vin Check, you can get notifications about rollback and flawed odometer settings. An odometer can be turned back illegally by the seller to make it appear that the car has higher fuel efficiency, in an attempt to increase the bluebook worth of the car or boost its final sale price.

 “Lemon” determination

With a check on VIN, you can find out whether your car has been flagged according to the Lemon Law of your state. It can show whether the manufacturer bought it again. It is easily understandable that a VIN number is crucial for anyone who wants to buy a used vehicle and get complete information about its history. You can either do the checking on your own or get help from third party agencies that offer VIN checking services.

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